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Atmosphere Mirrors 2021

The power of intention and ambience

within an environment.

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Can visual art impact lives powerfully, like books, music, design, fashion and advertising? Could some art be more like luxury, which reaches many people globally, or should it remain like couture fashion, made for a few?

Price List

Large   60 x 60cm (23.5 x 23.5in)

Medium   30 x 30cm (11.75 x 11.75in)

Small   15 x 15cm (6 x 6in)  

1500  USD



Atmosphere mirrors can be made in any colour you see here and are mounted on custom-built birch wood panels which are 5cm (2in) deep. Panels can be natural wood, medium gray or black. Signed certificate of authenticity included. Open edition.


Shipping is free within the US and Canada.


Fully customized design, colour and sizes available if schedule permits.


_Atmospheres ALL.jpg

Science knows the human brain is plastic, so the stories we tell ourselves shape our identities and therefore, our lives. Repetition with longevity make powerful stories. Visual art lives in your life and it influences over time. Its a longer, subtler game. 


sometimes one artist, sometimes many, sometimes collaboration. 

exhibitions, installations, collaborations and interactive performances include Paris, London, Milan, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, St. Barth, Mexico City, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore

evalesco is Latin, it means: increase, grow fully, have ability, strengthen, prevail. 11 symbolizes wisdom and encouragement

Toronto based



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